What Is Duo?

Passwords aren’t foolproof.

They can be stolen, guessed and sometimes hacked.

In order to protect Hackensack Meridian Health, we require the use of 2-Factor Authentication or Duo.

Using Duo is a second layer of protection because it ties verification to your phone or other devices.

The Duo portal allows HMH team members to effectively manage their access.

  1. Log in to https://onelogin.hmhn.org (note: Portal can be accessed from either inside HMH network or outside HMH network).
  2. Log in using your network credentials.
  3. If you have not enrolled in Duo yet, you will be prompted to begin your setup.

If you have enrolled in Duo already and want to add/modify, then it will require you to go through Duo authentication first before you can make any changes.

Welcome Screen

If you have not already enrolled in Duo, you will be prompted to complete a short enrollment process upon using your HMH credentials.

Click Start setup to begin.

Choosing Authentication Type

Select the type of device you will use to authenticate your HMH credentials. Smartphones are recommended; however, a tablet or landline can also be used in this process. Click Continue to proceed.

Enter Your Phone Number

Enter the phone number you will use to authenticate your login. If you chose Tablet as your preferred device on the previous screen, you will not be asked for a phone number.

Click Continue to proceed or Back to use a different device.

Choose Your Operating System

Choose your device’s operating system and click Continue to proceed.

Install Duo Mobile App

You will be prompted to install the Duo app on your smartphone.

You can still authenticate via a phone call or text message; however, installing the app will allow for a better overall experience and the use of push notifications.

After installing the app, return to this screen and select I have Duo Mobile installed.

Activate Duo Mobile App

Once you have installed Duo Mobile, use either of the two options for syncing the app with your HMH account:

  • Scan the provided QR code, or
  • Click the provided link to have an activation link emailed to your HMH account.
  • Once you have activated the app, you can click Continue.

    Adjust Your Settings And Devices (Optional)

    Device Options allow you to customize your phone’s name and set up other devices with authentication privileges.

    If you are content with using this device for all or most of your authenticating, you can change the When I log in option to automatically call or send this device a Duo Push notification, bypassing the step of choosing an authentication method each login.

    Choose An Authentication Method And Complete Enrollment

    You have successfully enrolled in Duo’s Two-Factor Authentication, and you can now receive and approve Duo’s 2FA login verifications.

    Click Send Me a Push to test it out; tap Approve on your mobile device, and you are good to go.

    For support, please open a ticket via MySupport.hmhn.org or call 848-237-3333 (internal extension x3333).

    1. To change any settings for your Duo account, log in to https://onelogin.hmhn.org (note: Portal can be accessed from either inside HMH network or outside HMH network).
    2. Log in using your network credentials.
    3. Once you click continue, you will be prompted for a Duo push. During that moment, do not accept the push but rather, click on the settings tab in the upper right hand corner.
    4. Once you click settings, the right panel will open and show you a few options. Click on the my settings and devices tab.
    5. You will now be prompted again for a Duo push for security reasons. Accept the Duo push and you should now be able to view the settings of your account.
    6. Once you are done, click the save option and you’re good to go.